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Hall Of Fame ICF India Coaching Excellence Awards

2022 ICF India Coaching Excellence Guru Award Winner

Vijayalakshmi S. Lovingly called Viji  is a Master Certified Coach (MCC) from International Coaching Federation and a Master Practitioner (MP) from European Mentoring & Coaching Council. She is a multi-faceted Management Professional with over 20 years’ experience in Consulting & Human Resources and a background in Law. She has 3000 hours of coaching experience & her coaching specialties include Executive, Leadership Wellness & Conflict Coaching. She is a certified Systemic & Team Coach as well as an accredited Mediator.

Viji is the founder of CoachConsult, an integrated Coaching and Management Consulting practice which is driven by the guiding belief – “Play at Full Potential”, wherein every individual and entity has the potential to perform at their best. She believes her purpose is to support individuals, teams, leaders and businesses to explore and leverage their highest potential. Her clients experience her coaching brand as a fine balance of head & heart, with distinct attributes of purpose, passion, optimism, authenticity, courage & empathy. Professional specialities include visioning, strategy, leadership development, business partnering, culture & change, coaching, mentoring and performance.


A known name in the ICF India Coaching community her coaching specialties include Executive, Leadership Wellness & Conflict Coaching. She has been the Chairperson – ICF India Conclave 2021 – Coaching For Growth ITOS (Leadership of cross-cultural, diverse & dispersed team of volunteers, Vendor, partner & stakeholder management) &  also currently  President – ICF Chennai Charter Chapter.

2022 ICF India Coaching Excellence Trailblazer Award Winner

Payal Jindal Khanna is a Leadership Development & Youth empowerment Coach [PCC ICF] and an academic professional with a strong educational background. Core to her approach is to enable self-discovery to bring forth the inherent potential by identifying and challenging those things which inhibit the full expression of our positive potential. As a credentialed Coach with ICF she has worked with mid-level managers, senior-level managers, management students, IITians, Chartered Accountants, Engineers, and Banking personnel in helping them transform their lives at the very core.

Her work is internationally acknowledged and appreciated by global foundations working towards humanism and equity. Her Coaching Projects are aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals-SDG 4 Education. She is the locomotive of the Shoolini university V empower coaching program.

2022 ICF India Coaching Excellence Rising Star Award Winner

Nikhil Dey is among the well known persons in the PR world.With over 25 years of experience in both, the agency and corporate sides of communications, Nikhil Dey is focused on finding ways to value add to client campaigns, drive creativity in public relations and build a culture of continuous learning in the industry. He is also a big believer in the power of coaching to catalyse positive change. Having benefited from the support of professional coaches for many years, it was a natural next step for Nikhil to get certified as a coach himself. He likes to refer to himself as a communicator by profession and a coach by passion.

He has been a part of Coachesforyou (CFY) a pro bono coaching initiative of the professional Coaching community across India and beyond.He has been supporting two initiatives focused on women leadership development. the Corporate Diva’s CDPlus program & Connexus and pro Bono initiative Coachesforyou. Nikhil has a Weekly Column LeftBrainRightBrain – in the magazine Reputation Today.

2022 ICF India Coaching Prism Award Winner

CEAT is the winner the first ICF India Coaching Prism Award for year 2022.

Founded in 1958, CEAT is one of India’s leading tyre brands and the flagship company of the RPG GROUP . Driven by the purpose of helping the world move safely and smartly, CEAT provides world-class products and services across 110+ countries. CEAT has been one of the first tyre companies  outside Japan to win the prestigious Deming Award one of the highest awards in the world that celebrates organisations which have made landmark achievements in TQM (Total Quality Management) and implemented it successfully.

CEAT has adopted and deepened coaching over a sustained period of time and with significant focus and extent of coverage. The culture and both internal and external measures are good validations of the extent of impact. A number of leadership team members are pursuing credentialing and cultivating interest in next levels in coaching. It is noteworthy that several on the leadership team have a keen interest in coaching and credentialed coaches.


Clear evidence of coaching being a dedicated line item on budget, is advocated by leaders, has impacted leadership styles, is used for succession planning and is a strategic priority for the future. The organization has been able to create a culture of coaching by:

  • Involving 75 GM and above leaders (almost 100% of eligible population) as coaches. This was done in a phased manner over the last 7 years.
  • Coaching was also integrated into the performance management process where each coach had to include a people development through coaching goal in their goal sheet.
  • The organization relied on external experts to train their coaches in the first 3 years but has in the last 2 years involved the Chief Operating Officer as the trainer for the coach capability building initiatives. This has further cemented the perception of coaching as a strategic priority in the organization.
  • All members of the executive committee (except 1) are coaches.
  • Finally, the organization systematically records feedback of coaches and coachees and monitors how coaching has benefitted succession, engagement and culture.

2022 ICF India Coaching Awards Ceremony